ID, Dog Tags

For your custom ID tag you have a choice of color. They all come with a silencer as well as the chain and  includes engraving. Below I show color choices for both the tag and the silencer.


All of these colors are anodized aluminum which means they will not rust or change colors. The silencers I show down below fit on the outside of the tag so you can mix or match the color to your liking.



The silencers are made of silicone. Short history on the silencer.... in WWII soldiers were issued an ID tag and it was very important to have a silencer on it so as not to make that "clinking" sound and give away their position to the enemy. So choose the color you like, and that along with the engraving, chain, and tag are included in the price.


The gold and silver nickel plated tags are the top of the line in tags. With a mirror finish and hefty weight you can tell the quality when you hold it. Engraving and chain are included.



The American flag, Confederate flag, brown and green Camo have colors that have been powder-coated for top quality. They come with engraving and the chain.




Highly polished nickel plated LBGTQ tags and the engraving as well as the chain are included.


For those of you who can't resist the sparkle, these tags might be just for you. A solid row of rhinestones surround these tags and the engraving really sets them off! Engraving and chain included.


This is a line of 3D tags where the art is actually raised off the surface for an unusual result. Very popular for the JV's and recreation leagues. Engraving is on the back and is included along with the chain.