Ring Information

All of our rings are made of 316 stainless steel and are comfort fit on the inside. The inside of the ring is actually rolled for comfort. You won't even know you have it on....except for the compliments you'll get. Because it's a high grade of stainless feel free to wear it in the shower, lake or ocean. We offer our rings in sizes from 3 to 15. The engraving is included and we can usually get from 20 - 25 letters on them. All of our rings have been in our inventory now for 12 years-- the reason?? We have had zero problems with them. All of our rings are "unisex", we've sold just as many black edge and dome to women as we have to men.

The Gold Edge


"The Gold Edge" This is our #1 seller, it compliments both silver and gold. The gold is actually plated on the ring and won't come off. (not real gold)


The Flat


"The Flat" is just that. Flat in the center complemented by the outer decorative bands.


The Rainbow Edge


"The Rainbow Edge" is flat in the center and the two outside edges reflect the color that is near. This effect is caused by extreme heating an cooling. Sure to catch an eye.


The Black Edge

"The Black Edge" is... yep, flat in the center with the two outside edges black.   A lot of our rings are in Afghanistan right now because our men in uniform want to continue to wear their rings and this way if a ring happens to get lost they haven't lost a ring that cost hundreds.


The Dome

"The Dome" is our widest band coming in at 8mm and the surface is domed, or has a slight curve. All of our rings are unisex however if there was a more popular ring for guys it would be a toss up between the dome and the black edge.


The Original

"The Original" has this name because when we first started this business this was the........? Original first ring we stocked. This ring has proven itself over time. It is THE shiniest ring we offer and it is enhanced on the edges with decorative trim. It is by far and away a big seller.


The Ring Symbols

In addition to names or messages or slogans you might want to use one or more of these symbols to separate names or use at the beginning or end or both. Not to worry....they are included, however, when you count up your total letters you'd like to have on your ring, you must include spaces  in between names and on either side of a symbol otherwise all the letters will run together. To give you an example, you might have your three children's name put on your ring. It would go like this....BRITNEY-heart-CALEB-heart-KELSEY. So in this example your total letter spacing would be 24.